Final Two Episodes of True Blood Season 4 - Promo

Here's the promo video for the final two episodes of Season 4 of True Blood. The population of Bon Temps is going down...Who do you think will die?


Kevin Mchale Supports The Trevor Project

Kevin Mchale shows his support for The Trevor Project and their Talk To Me campaign for suicide awareness. This is a great cause and it's nice to see Kevin supporting it.


Pretty Little Liars - Over My Dead Body Finale - Recap

So this episode of Pretty Little Liars was interesting to say the least. It starts off 12 hours in the future and the girls are dirty and in a confession room at the police station. They're wearing ridiculous dresses and look miserable because they're in there for a homicide charge. The door opens and the first shocking moment is that Detective Wilden is back! AKA Hot Cop. He's thrilled because he's known all along they were guilty and now he finally has evidence. What evidence? Well we won't know because now we're back 12 hours into the past where A is busy playing a board game and the four girls here are the pieces.

Glee Season 3 Spoilers! Damian and Samuel Character Info

Glee spoilers! Get excited for season 3..or in this case, the introduction of the two winners of The Glee Project. Eonline reveals when and how Samuel and Damien will be introduced and who Damian will be living with when the season begins.

Spoilers: Don't click if you don't wanna know:

Glee - Season 3 - Episode 1 Description

 The wonders of Tumblr. The full description of the first episode of Glee for Season 3 has leaked. Verrry interesting. Someone new is making their way to Mckinley!

Description: Don't click if you don't want to know!

Pretty Little Liars - Over My Dead Body - Episode 12 Finale Sneak Peeks

The mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars is sure to bring cliffhangers, shocking reveals, and apparently, death threats. A really has way too much time on their hands. Here's a handful of great sneak peek videos at tonight's finale: Over My Dead Body. Very spoilery. Don't click if you don't want to know!

The Pretty Little Liars finale airs tonight at 8pm on ABC Family.


First Sneak Peek at Season 3 of Glee

Are you getting excited for the new season of Glee! Rachel's bangs are back! And the class is dancing in the cafeteria! Have we seen the cafeteria before? Check out this great video of the cast talking about getting back to set and what we can expect at the upcoming season of Glee.


The Cast of Pretty Little Liars Chat Mid-Season Finale

The cast of Pretty Little Liars chat about what's in store for the girls in Over My Dead Body, the mid-season finale. Throughout the interview some spoilery sneak peeks are revealed so don't watch if you want to remain spoiler free for tonight.

The Pretty Little Liars mid-season finale airs tonight at 8pm on ABC Family.


True Blood - Burning Down The House - Sneak Peeks

Check out these sneak peeks for the upcoming all new episode of True Blood; Burning Down The House. Are Jessica and Hoyt feeling guilty about what they did? Is Tara still trapped inside Marnie's shop?


Pretty Little Liars - Over My Dead Body Finale - Extended Promo

The Canadians once again have gotten a better promo than us for the Summer finale of Pretty Little Liars. Most significantly, Over My Dead Body seems to throw in a bombshell familiar face...


Anthony Tyler Quinn Joins Pretty Little Liars

What a great day for Boy Meets World fans! If you're a fan of both BMW and Pretty Little Liars like we are, then you're going to love this! Anthony Tyler Quinn AKA Mr. Turner will be joining the cast of Pretty Little Liars! From the looks of it, he'll be bringing a new love interest with him.

Details on who he'll be playing:

Who Won The Challenge: Rivals?

Which team took home the 100,000 dollars on The Challenge: Rivals?

TeenNick Axes Doug and Clarissa from 90's Are All That Lineup

Well this sucks. TeenNick announced today that they will be replacing Doug and Clarissa Explains It All with Rocko's Modern Life and Hey Arnold. Don't get me wrong, I loved those shows too. But why get rid of two shows that fans also love and replace them with shows that are already on dvd and available on netflix. Rocko is already airing on another channel. Is this a move to save money? Couldn't they add these two shows AFTER the shows already airing on the program block instead of airing repeats? I'm happy they're adding shows but not at all happy with how they are handling this. Their facebook is already getting steamrolled with complaints. Get it together TeenNick. This is one of the best ideas in a long time. Please don't ruin it for the fans.

Pretty Little Liars - I Must Confess - Recap

A is determined to break Emily with their games. They send Emily a picture of Aria and Fitz together with the instructions to show it to Ella and she'll be free. Emily can't take it and drives she can run in the the middle of the night. Why do they always find themselves in a dark place in the middle of the night with a killer on the loose? Idiots. She keeps running and running like she's Forrest Gump right up to Dr. Sullivan's door. She's ready to talk. The other girls are already there waiting for her. They finally tell someone the truth. Well..most of it. Just not that they're responsible for Jenna's blinding. I mean..they aren't REALLY. They just knew about it.

True Blood - Run - Recap

Alcide is running through the forest carrying Sookie's lifeless body when Bill turns up and snatches her because he runs faster. He attempts to give her his blood but she's not taking it and she barely has a pulse. Sookie finally wakes up and the first thing out of her mouth is "Where's Eric?" Bill and Alcide try to talk some sense into her but Sookie is pretty daft when it comes to the guys she loves. Alcide is pretty much like "F*ck this sh*t" and gets out of there. Smart guy. He goes back to Debbie who smells Sookie on her. Will she go after Sookie next? What I got out of this scene is that Alcide sleeps in the nude. :)

Joe Jonas Six Flags Live Chat

Yesterday Joe Jonas performed at Six Flags New England for KC 101's Ticket to Ride concert. Jonas was joined by the likes of Jason Derulo, Shaggy, and Andy Grammer for the event. Before the concert, Joe sat down with KC 101 for a live chat. Watch Joe talk about everything from going solo from his brothers, the inspiration of his single "See No More", and his love of roller coasters below:

All Time Low Announce a Fall Tour

This fall All Time Low will be hitting the road for their "Rise And Fall of My Pants" tour. The Ready Set, He is We, and Paradise Fears will be joining the guys for their tour. Look at the tour dates below to find out if they're coming to a city near you:

Who Won The Glee Project?

Who won The Glee Project and a 7 episode arc for the upcoming season of Glee? Said person will also be appearing on the tour...

Pretty Little Liars - Season 2 Episode 11 - I Must Confess - Sneak Peeks

Oh no! Mike is turning into a horrible child! Be sure to check out these sneak peeks of Tuesday's all new episode of Pretty Little Liars; I Must Confess. Among the scenes you'll see, the girls go to Dr. Sullivan and Mike crosses the line and hurts his mom.


Rebecca Bross Injured at 2011 Visa Championships - Video

Yikes! This was hard to watch. Rebecca Bross is hurt after a nasty fall at the vault during the 2011 Visa Championships. Her shocked team looked on as Rebecca cried in pain and was carried away in a wheelchair. Word has it she will not be back at all this year after injuring her knee.


Jim Parrack on Hoyt's Dark Side

Jim Parrack talks True Blood and his character's dark side and what's ahead for Jessica and Hoyt. Most important of all, he tells us what it's like to ride Jason Stackhouse.
I still haven’t seen that, but to play the cowgirl straddling my buddy? [Laughs.] That was a very interesting scene to shoot, to say the least.

Great Damian Mcginty Interview: Doing The Glee Project His Way

Damian Mcginty does a great interview with Wetpaint where he talks about his accent, Ryan Murphy, how he thinks he would fit in on Glee. If he doesn't win, I lose all hope for Glee.

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, 18-year-old Damian McGinty from Derry, Northern Ireland, revealed his struggle to become a TV actor, what kind of character he thinks he would play on Glee, and how he really feels about singing for Ryan

Read the full interview here:

The Glee Project - Finale Preview - Raise Your Glass Full Music Video

Eliminated contestants return as the cast of The Glee Project reunites on this Sunday's finale. This week's music video is Raise Your Glass and everyone participates! Save the Bromance!

Check out the full music video of Raise Your Glass:

Hot Band Alert: Action Item

One of our favorite things about summer is attending as many concerts as possible so we can find new bands to obsess over! That was definitely the case this summer. We first heard about Action Item last month when we saw them open for We The Kings on the Friday is Forever tour. It's safe to say we've been hooked ever since! Not only are these guys super talented, but they're also extremely kind and gracious guys (yes, we met them and they were lovely!). Their songs are fun and catchy, making them our hot band alert for this week. Our personal favorite song of theirs is "When Everything Falls Back Down" which features Disney star Chelsea Kane. It has a great message of supporting those we love in following their dreams, through both the good and bad times.

Another song we're loving is their single "Learn To Fly" which was actually produced by Nick Jonas! Make sure to watch the video for it below:

Demi Lovato Performs Skyscraper - 2011 Do Something Awards

Demi Lovato performs an emotional rendition of her new song Skyscraper at the 2011 Do Something Awards. Girl has some pipes!

Check out the video:

True Blood - Out of There - Sneak Peeks

Check out these two sneak peeks of Sunday's all new episode of True Blood. Out of There has Jessica spilling her feelings to Nan and Tommy getting a visit from Marcus. Hands up if you hate that guy.


Pretty Little Liars - Extended Promo - I Must Confess

Whoa! This extended promo for next week's Pretty Little Liars is AWESOME. Thanks Canadians! Fans of the show have to see this. Are the girls finally ready to tell someone about A?

"I'm ready. To talk."

The Glee Project Episode 10 Finale - Guest Mentor Sneak Peek

Judging by this picture, the top 4 of the Glee Project have saved the best for last and will obviously be performing Don't Stop Believing. Check out this sneak peek of just who the guest mentor for this week is.


Meet The Cast of Glee in LA; Courtesy of Ritz

Are you in the LA area and would like the chance to meet cast members from Glee? Courtesy of Ritz, head on over to their facebook for details on how you can win! Good luck!

Anderson Cooper Overcome With The Giggles

Oh my goodness. I have never seen Anderson Cooper lose it like this live on his show. And we love it! This is so adorable and so precious. Talking about Gerard Depardieu will cause Andy Coop to be so overcome with giggles that tears come out of his eyes.


Who Went Home on The Challenge: Rivals? August 17th The Storm Before The Storm

Johnny and Tyler face off against CT and Adam for the final elimination. Who went home and who made the finals?

Pretty Little Liars - Touched By an 'A'-ngel - Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

A is upping their game this week. Poor Emily can't even eat her breakfast without A messing with her. A can now invade their cereals. First fortune cookies and now cereal? Does A have a part time job working in food prep? Hanna's mom offers Emily a free massage gift certificate to help her relax. Emily being A's latest special target has really made her stressed. So much so that not even a massage can help her. She seriously considers telling Dr. Sullivan the truth about everything. Long overdue in my opinion. Nothing is worth putting themselves in danger by not talking. Emily enjoys her massage but is shocked when the massage therapist comes in late. Emily got a special massage from A. How did she not feel the leather gloves? If she had looked up, would A have killed her?

David Archuleta - New Vlog - Meeting Marius

New David Archuleta vlog! It's been way overdue. And he's even got a new background. For some reason, we're really digging the staircase and the paint. David chats about his time in Asia and meeting someone new:
First off, a big thanks again to all the Asian fans for a great trip over there! Been having a nice time back in the US, and hoping to do some more hiking and camping haha. Met a really remarkable kid named Marius. You can check out more about him on

Drew Van Acker: Jason's Misunderstood

 Drew Van Acker talks to The Insider about what it was like taking over for Parker Bagley as Jason DiLaurentis on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. Do you prefer the creepy underwear model version of Jason? He lets fans know what we can expect from Jason for the rest of the season. Is Jason as evil as he seems? And what about those pictures of Aria?
I think a lot of people in Rosewood think he’s this demon, this bad guy – and he’s really not. He’s looking for a lot of things, he’s looking for clarity in his life. There was confusion about what happened with Alison, and I know he seems guilty and creepy. But I think he’s trying to put the puzzle together just like everyone else is.

Taylor Swift's Wardrobe Malfunction

Yikes! Poor Taylor Swift! Saturday night at her show in St. Louis, Taylor had a wardrobe malfunction that obviously made its way onto YouTube. In the middle of singing her hit "You Belong With Me", a gust of wind hits the stage, leaving Taylor baring all. The moment happens at about 1:07 into the video. You can see this embarrassing moment below:

Kris Allen Debuts "You Got a Way"

Last night Kris Allen paired up with his old tourmates Lifehouse to perform a show at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston, MI. Kris opened for the band last fall on their Smoke and Mirrors tour. He took on that role again for the concert last night. There, he performed a new song called "You Got a Way" for the crowd! Watch it below:

David Archuleta Interview with The 8TV Quickie

This interview with David Archuleta is so adorable! Love the bloopers! He's so cute! David chats about his time performing in Malaysia.


Sneak Peek of The Glee Project Finale

The season finale of The Glee Project reunites the cast with past eliminated contestants. Together they will perform Raise Your Glass. Damian and Cameron are together again! Praise the Bromance!

Who do you think will win The Glee Project?

Video preview:

Who Went Home on The Glee Project: Generosity?

Who went home on The Glee Project: Generosity and advances to the finale? Kevin Mchale is the guest mentor:

True Blood - Spellbound - Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

After the spell was cast last week there was only one vampire casualty. Bill is trying to spin her death as a vampire suicide so as to not bring anymore attention to the impending war against the witches. Before Jessica gets that far outside, Jason dives through the air (lol) and saves her. Jessica kisses him to repay him and promptly sets off to break up with Hoyt. Poor Jessica. She may be getting in touch with her vamper self but she's still a naive 17 year old.

True Blood - S4 Episode 8 Spellbound - Sneak Peeks

Who survived the spell to summon the vampires to the sun? Check out these great sneak peeks of Sunday's episode of True Blood; Spellbound. True Blood airs Sundays on HBO.

Spoilers: Video:

The Glee Project - Generosity - Sing - Full Music Video

The top 4 of The Glee Project take on My Chemical Romance's "Sing." This video is kind of a mess. It's just not a good pick for these kids. All of the focus on Damian is making me nervous.

Save Damian!

Full Music Video:

Pretty Little Liars - Touched By An 'A'-ngel - Season 2 Episode 10 - Sneak Peeks

Check out these great sneak peeks at next week's episode of Pretty Little Liars. What do you think will happen between Aria and Jason after last week's creepy reveal? Do you think he's A? I think once again Jason is wearing too many clothes here.


Sneak peek videos:

The Glee Project - Generosity - Sneak Peeks

Check out these sneak peek videos of the Generosity episode of The Glee Project. Courtesy of the gleeprojectcast tumblr, the videos feature the cast working with kids and recording Sing in the studio. Damian is playing drums! For more information on the episode click here.

Sneak peeks:

True Blood Renewed For Fifth Season

It should come as no surprise that the HBO drama True Blood has been renewed for a fifth season. The season will consist of 12 episodes and air next summer. Yay! I wish the seasons were longer. HBO is such a tease.

The Glee Project - Generosity - Previews

Kevin Mchale is judging you! That's right, Kevin Mchale, otherwise known as the best cast member of Glee, is the guest mentor this week on The Glee Project. This week's theme is "Generosity." The music video the kids will be attempting is "Sing."

Check out these previews of the cast performing Sing: Spoiler Alert

Vanessa Lengies Joins Glee as Sugar

Via TVLine

Vanessa Lengies joins the cast of Glee as "Sugar." Fans may remember her from American Dreams. She is the second casting announcement to come out from the new season.

Details on who she will be playing:

Who Went Home on The Challenge: Rivals? Aug 10 Cry For Me, Argentina

Who went home on The Challenge: Rivals? Guy elimination day:

Glee - Mercedes' New Boyfriend is Cast

Mercedes is finally getting her man. The Glee powerhouse is getting a boyfriend in the form of Lamarcus Tinker. He will be playing the role of Bubba, her football playing..uh..hunk. Because this guy totally looks like he could pass for a high school student.

More info on his character:

Pretty Little Liars - Touched By an 'A'-ngel - Season 2 Episode 10 Promo

Here is the promo for next week's episode of Pretty Little Liars. How is Jason going to explain those creepy pictures of Aria? Do you think he's A? That would be too obvious..right? The writers should stop making my favorite guys so creepy! Jason's so pretty.

The Canadian promos are always better: